What does it mean to be an advocate in this industry? BOMA is the voice of Calgary commerical real estate.

It means that BOMA shows up

At City Hall, at municipal planning and development meetings, policy discussions and provincial stakeholder engagement sessions, all with the goal of making sure that the voice of the commercial real estate industry is heard at every level in Alberta.

What exactly are the issues?


Downtown Calgary

Ensuring the continued success of Calgary’s downtown by providing meaningful industry input to the City of Calgary as it considers and implements the new Downtown Land Use District and Centre City Plan.

The Municipal Government Act

Engaging with members to prepare for and participate in discussions with the Government of Alberta as it reviews the Municipal Government Act, through BOMA in Alberta (BOMA Calgary and BOMA Edmonton).

BOMA White Papers

Municipal & Regional Planning Taxation

The Municipal Election

Providing resources to managers and candidates as Calgary prepares for to go the polls for the municipal election in October.

Provincial Recognition

Working to receive provincial recognition of building managers who achieve BOMA BEST Platinum certification and a Certificate of Recognition for health and safety.

If it involves property tax, codes and regulations, safety and security, City of Calgary policies, repots and bylaws and the Municipal Government Act (MGA), then it’s a BOMA issue.

Protect Your Bike From Theft

Bicycle theft remains a problem across Calgary, but particularly in the downtown core. BOMA Calgary has prepared two tools for buildings managers and tenants for bicycle theft. The first is an 8 ½” x 11” poster outlining a few simple tips to protecting bicycles from theft, as well as proactive steps that can help ensure a safe return if a bicycle does go missing. The second tool is a personal identification card that will make it easier to report, and hopefully recover a stolen bicycle. This is also formatted so that all you need to do is send the file to your print shop of choice for hard copies to hand out to tenants.