Security Management

Security Management Career Roadmap

Security Guard Shift Supervisor Security Manager Senior Security Manager/Director

Job Description

Responsible for patrols, monitoring cameras, access control, and writing reports. Responsible for a shift of up to several guards, training and maintaining the safety and security of staff, customers, visitors and company property. Creating and managing standard operating procedures, emergency management plans, conducting risk assessments, provide leadership, guidance and direction to the Security team, planning, purchasing and maintaining physical security systems. Supervising managers, development, application and management of appropriate cost effective Security and Life Safety programs, Emergency Planning and Disaster Recovery initiatives, and ensuring consistency in security program across portfolio.

Time to Advance

Entry level 12 – 60 months, depending on aptitude 5 – 10 years 8 years +

Average Salary

Hourly wages
$15 – $18
Hourly wages
$18 – $24
$50,000 –
$86,000 –

Educational Requirements

High School Diploma or equivalent, Alberta Basic Security Training, First Aid, CPR, AED, WHMIS, TDG High School Diploma or equivalent Certified Security Supervisor/ Manager, conflict de-escalation, communication and leadership training High School Diploma or equivalent Security Management Certificate, industry workshops and training, business and security management university training High School Diploma or equivalent, Certified Protection Professional, post-secondary designations, industry training, conferences and workshops.