Leasing Career Roadmap

Property Administrator Leasing Administrator Leasing Assistant Leasing Representative

Job Description

Responsible for clerical duties supporting office functions and entering leases in data base. Drafts, edits, formats all lease documentation. Tracks leases and manages tenant relationships. Prepares offers to lease and manages to signature. Manages the website for the team. Develops marketing strategies and leasing assumptions. Negotiates offers to lease and reports to owners on progress.

Time to Advance

12 to 24 months 24 to 48 months 48 to 72 months

Average Salary

$40,000 –
$50,000 –
$50,000 –
$120,000 +
(commission based)

Educational Requirements

Business related courses Lease and real estate related courses Leasing and paralegal courses Real estate license, marketing courses, real estate courses.